November 13, 2011

Standing Alongside the Tracks

I was on my way home from the bustling town core of Queen Creek when I noticed an abnormally high, more than 1, number of folks gathered along the side of the Union Pacific rail line.  I figured something was going on, so I went home, grabbed the bike & camera and headed back to the tracks which butt up against the northeast side of our community. I asked one of the fellas standing there what was going on and he informed me that the last steam locomotive engine, No. 844, was making a grand tour of the western US. It was scheduled to be by any minute. Cool. So I found a lump of dirt to stand on and waited for the iron horse to roll by. When it did, it was flyin' & let loose of the air horn as it passed by me, only 20 feet away!!!

Looking SE down the line

Full steam ahead!

On its way through Gilbert, then on to Phoenix for the weekend

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