February 25, 2012

BCT - Rock Springs to Table Mesa

This past weekend was supposed to be an all day sufferfest at South Mountain, grand plans indeed, but a lack of prep time lead Seron and I back to the Black Canyon Trail (BCT). We've been wanting to get back to this section of trail to put up some times for Strava, check out the new tech loop and because it just plain kicks ass. The BCT is a true XC mountain biking trail in every sense, long, flowy, pleasant grades and switchbacks that are doable by most riders.

Our route for the day would be to start from the Rock Springs TH head south, riding the Skyline, Cheapshot segments then the Little Pan Loop CCW, with a short out-n-back to the Table Mesa TH. On the way back going up the east side of the LPL we would hit the new tech loop before retracing our tracks on the Cheapshot/Skyline sections. Great way to spend an 80ยบ February day in the desert.
Bicycle rock art atop the Skyline section.
Down the backside of Skyline.
Views from Table Mesa TH.
The entrance to the new tech loop.
Seron riding high above the Agua Fria River.
Cleaned this tech challenge with ease, me....not so much!
Supreme trail design & flow.
BCT using all the contours of the land.

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