March 18, 2012

Graupel Effect

Sometime during my Black Canyon Trail ride my wife sent me a text about it hailing in Queen Creek. I didn't think too much about it, we get hail storms from time to time. As I'm pulling into our neighborhood I could tell this one was different, way different. There was a 3 foot snowman in someone's driveway!
Still pretty impressive after melting a bit.
There were still a few patches of soft hail or graupel, as I found out, piled around. Luckily I had left the camera at home and K snapped a few really good shots during the storm. Cool winter wonderland in the Sonoran desert.
Good thing I took a ton of wildflower pics the weekend before, they got shredded!

Reminds me of back home in PA!

I don't own a snow shovel. Never will.

Slightly larger than a pea, but soft like a mini snowball.

In the aloe.

It took a couple of hours to finally all melt.

Poor little fella.

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