June 3, 2012

Tour Divide 2012

The Granddaddy of self supported mountain bike racing is upon us, welcome to the 2012 Tour Divide!! The field is filling, up to almost 100 right now!! While I'm not physically taking part in the festivities, I will be glued to the blue dots over the next couple of weeks. This year I can put a few names to faces.

Keep a special eye on Babe th'Blue Tandem (Kurt Refsnider & Caroline Soong) and David Goldberg & Kurt Sandiforth (they both completed the AZT750 and are attempting the bikepacking triple crown, the Colorado Trail Race follows this in August). A few others I'll be watching are: Max Morris, Eric Foster and Eszter Horanyi.

EDIT: Arno Minner added himself to the TD, riding northbound. So he's also in the running for the Triple Crown, Go Arno!

Friday morning the field starts rolling, best of luck out there, ride strong, ride safe!
Follow the race LIVE below or open a new window via Trackleaders.

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