August 26, 2012

Gold Canyon via Peralta

It had been some time since my last visit out to the fun trails of Gold Canyon. Roy does weekly rides every Sunday morning, but he enters the trail system from a few little known singletrack gems off of Peralta Rd. This was a really nice way to start & end the ride, fast, smooth, twisty desert singletrack for about 3 miles. I'm going to start calling these trails 'Big Ring' in honor of Roy, he's a swell fella too.

Another guy, Dave, from the AZ mtbr forums came out to join Roy, Seron and myself on this fine, dare I say almost 'cool', August morning. We got rolling around 6:30a and about 30 minutes later tied into the familiar to us trail network of Gold Canyon.

Mandatory Vortex lap.

Phil, we approve of this trail!!

Dropping down the Outer Limits line.

Also giving Outer Limits a go.

That saguaro demands your attention, go right, go left, just don't go straight!!

A man for all bikes, diggin' the 26er on this day.

Finally did the roll, not sure why I waited so long! Photo by Seron.

Nice steep roller.

Close your eyes & hold on, right?

Roy making it look easy.

It may be short, but it's STEEP!

Different angle.

Unfortunately on our way out of the K-trails,Roy went off a small drop & burped his front tire sending him flying. Both Seron and I heard the commotion and thought he folded his bike in half it was so loud!! He initially thought he may have busted a rib or three, but luckily it was just a severe case of the wind getting knocked out of him. He's one tough dude, but that one had us all a bit worried. He was able to re-inflate the front tire & ride back to the car. A quick checkup on Monday revealed no broken ribs!! Ride on Roy!!

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