November 1, 2015

BCT: Shuttling is not a crime!!

Two years. That's how long I had been trying to get my co-worker, Scott, to join me on a Black Canyon Trail, BCT, ride. We were all but ready to go in the spring, but I went and broke my wrist foiling those plans. I knew it would be too hot by the time I healed, so I set my sights on a fall return. We finally nailed down a date, hall passes approved, it was go time.

This was going to be Scott's longest ride ever, so I wanted it to be fun, not a complete sufferfest. I suggested a shuttle drop at the top of Antelope Creek so we could ride the 29 miles back to Rock Springs on trail. The route is mostly downhill, only a few climbs on rider friendly grades.

We met early at Rock Springs and trekked north past the tiny outpost of Cordes. We ditched my car just below the trail crossing. It was cool, yet very pleasant. It was going to be a good day.
Scott dropping in to some sweet singletrack in the high desert.
Antelope Creek is up out of the Saguaro zone.
The trail twists & turns, contouring the hillside masterfully.
Only a few rises over the first few miles.
A swath of dirt slices through the boulders.
Crowded day on the BCT.
Before we knew it 12 miles were done. A quick snack break led us to the first short climb of the day. Then it was back to more contouring trail down to the Glorianna Mine TH.
Grinding away on a short jeep road climb.
Such marvelous terrain to ride through.
Finally getting that BCT fix.
Bradshaw Mtns. make for an excellent backdrop.
Nearing the Stagecoach segment.
I was surprised to see this crossing so dry.
Overlooking Black Canyon City
Descending to the water crossing.
One of the many rideable cattle gates.
Cresting out on the final 8 switchback climb.
Finished! Fought off cramps over the final miles, but he made it. Stoked!!
I'm really glad we were able to work this ride into the mix. Every now and then it's good to not totally destroy your body on a ride!! Hopefully Scott will continue to crank out the miles, it's a big state to explore.
A few reminders of days of yore in Cordes, AZ.
Pinwheels galore.
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