April 2, 2016

Honeybee Spin

I was looking for an easy spin on preferably trails I don't often ride. The Tortolita area came to mind, in particular the Honeybee trails. Shannon was game and rounded up a few others from the Tucson area, namely, Jerry, Eszter & Scott.

These trails have come under some fire lately, mostly due to right-of-way access. We found a legal way to enter the system and were off on a fun ride on non-technical desert singletrack. There are some rocks out there to play on...if you want to.

One such optional line was met early on. Both Scott and I gave it a go, but I got hung up near the top on my second attempt. Scott blasted up the steep pitch to the sound of not one, but two busted spokes!! So much power!!
A twist here and a twist there. Good to go!
The rock doesn't look so steep from this angle.
Back on the trail, we zoomed around keeping an eye peeled for one of Jerry's optional routes. We found it and zigzagged through some cool boulders. A few moments late...snake!!
Pink Coachwhip or Red Racer, this sucker was about 6' long!
Really cool markings. He stood his ground while we snapped a bunch of pics, then eventually retreated to a hole in the ground.
Trails & boulders are so neat.
Show's over, time to roll.
We circled around the north side and found a potential slickrock-ish area for a future trail connection.
Some interesting ride lines through here.
We ended up bailing on plans to ride Ridgeline, we were all content with the easy spinning and by now talks of post-ride treats were being tossed around.
Changing of the guard, Sonoran Desert style.
Great views of the Santa Catalina Mtns all day.
Jerry has had a large part in these trails.
That was a fun downhill, let's play on that rock shall we?
Shannon powering up.
Eszter muscling the big bike up the rock.
And that was that, a super fun afternoon on mostly new-to-me trails hanging with friends. Let's go to In-n-Out!!

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