July 15, 2016

Touring Tucson Chicas

I like giving tours of local trails. So when Wendi inquired about checking out the Gold Canyon trails this spring I was eager to show her around. While spring is all but a distant memory at this writing, it was a fun day cruising around the blooming trails.

Recently, I had a similar request from Katie. This time we'd take a spin up on the fast trails of Brown's Ranch. We started as early as my schedule allowed since it was bound to get toasty.

Keep in mind both of these ladies rock singlespeed setups. Tough indeed.

First up: Gold Canyon
We had the whole place to ourselves.
Some of the green ground cover wilting away.
One of the prettiest places in the Valley to ride.
Micro Moab!!
I think she approves.
By the end of March, it's time for the cacti to take over the show.
Meanwhile, over at Brown's Ranch:
We zigzagged all over the trail system.
Playing on the new El Diablo trail.
Ready for takeoff!!
Seeking shade as afternoon approaches.
The bears approve.
Balanced Rock is huge, Katie is not.
Come on up to the big city anytime, plenty more trail to explore!!

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