December 30, 2018

Hawesaholics: Bike Pub Crawl

I had seen the event posted in the Hawesaholics FB group, a bike pub crawl. What's not to like there? I wasn't sure the Mrs. would give me another hall pass, but I thought she may be interested. She enjoys a good brew. I threw out the idea and was a bit surprised when she agreed almost instantly!! Bikes & beers!! It was also a perfect opportunity to have a Team Voodoo reunion!!

We made our way over to the starting location, Two Wheel Jones bike shop, where the owner, Travis, was generous enough to not only provide a starting location, but he had a couple coolers of beer, and offered up some prizes to whoever could turn the most watts on the Zwift trainer set up in shop.
Quite the turnout for a first-time event, maybe it was the beer?

Christmas themed jello shots!!
 Travis decided to put a wattage powerhouse on first to see if anyone else could match the him. I don't know who it was, but he effortlessly seemed to crank out 1500+W!! I had never done such metrics, so I was a bit curious to see what I could do. I few other friends went, 900W, 715W, etc.
My turn...433 wasn't my max!! It was a 10 second mash, I topped out a bit over 800W. Not bad, I guess. Photo by Shawn.
The crawling portion begins!!

We easily filled the patio at Red Mountain Bar & Grill.

Our next stop was going to be Lucky Lou's, but it was an NFL Sunday and they were packed. Plan B.

The Monastery was our next stop. I had heard about this place forever, but had never been.

It was great having K meet finally meet Deanna & Walt. Deanna's son is the cool cat in photobomb pose.

We continued to crawl, making our way to Desert Eagle Brewing at Falcon Field. Yet another place I hadn't been.

Team Voodoo!!

Golden hour takes hold on the McDowell Mtns.

We didn't have lights and K's knee was beginning to give her fits, so we skipped the final stop.
It was such a fun gathering, meeting new people, places and getting K out on the bike!! A shout out to Bridgit for suggesting the idea. I'm sure it'll become a more regular happening. K hasn't been on the bike in a long time, so it was really great to get her out there. She ended up riding over 9 miles, way to go!!

Looking forward to the next one...

Thanks Hawesaholics!!!

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