June 11, 2011

1st Pass

I started mountain biking back in 1994 and immediately picked up a few local trail books.  I made my way through a good deal of the suggested routes, but for some reason never made it out to Pass Mtn.  I've been to Usery Park a few times, just never went around 'ol Scarface.  Over the past year and a half I have been exploring more local trails, meeting new people to ride with and generally just keeping the sport fresh with a good mixture of destinations.  This past Sunday it was time to finally add Pass Mtn. to my list.  The loop around the mountain is only 7 miles or so, but it can be technically challenging and will get your heart rate up as well.  The views are tough to beat the higher the trail takes you.  This ride will definitely be added to my short list.  It will be fun to add this loop into a Hawes epic in the Fall.

Pass Mtn.

Seron making his way up one of the steadier climbs

Phil making it look easy

Cameron is starting to like this desert riding...I think

Four Peaks

The view from the saddle before we plunge down the front side

Scott taking it all in

A little bit of exposure, but the views are worth it!

Cool aerial view of the trail snaking through the desert

Phil & Scott finishing up on the bumpy stuff

Land of giants

The whole group made it down in one piece

<Phoenix put there for visual flight control for pilots flying north from Tucson

Superstition Mtns.

5 Bikes, dirt & lies

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