July 3, 2011

-35º North

I learned a valuable rule of thumb years ago, it goes like this: For every 1000' of elevation gained you lose 5ºF of temperature.  This couldn't have been more true yesterday as the high temperature in Phoenix hit a record high for the date of 118º.  Lucky for us we had already planned a day of riding up in the pines of Flagstaff on Mt. Elden ~ 8000'.  Quick math will tell you it should have been around 83º, well IT WAS!!

Car loaded & ready to go!

I-17 theme for the day: 1 accident northbound = 45 min delay & 2 accidents southbound = 1 hour delay on the ride home...ugh.

Finally rolling into Flagstaff

A quick camera setting test....

...whoosh! Seron was riding strong today!! Must be those big wheels!

Climbing up Shultz Creek Trail

I really enjoyed this climb, long steady & smooth.

About 4 miles into the ride

Met up with Greg, who was able to break away from the family vacation, for his first ride in 6 months!! He hung in there pretty well!!

Quads starting to feel the effects of high altitude!

Dry Lake Hills

Seron below an amazing backdrop

Ghost rider

San Francisco Peaks from Jedi Trail


Fun series on log rolls on Jedi

Definitely NOT a Jedi master on this day

Time to head up Brookbank

Colors abound throughout the groundcover

Voodoo? He do ^^^

Greg working the ProFlex

Here we are at the top of our ride @8800' getting set for a 7 mile descent back to the TH

One of the very few tech spots on the whole route

A great way to finish off a fun day on the trail

Super fun day on Mount Elden, hard to believe this was my first time riding up here.  So many more trails to check out in the area.  A special thanks goes out to James for suggesting the route, it really was a perfect amount for what we had today.

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  1. looks like cool weather..Great pic's!