December 23, 2011

South Mountain West End Loop

I don't ride the west side of South Mountain (SoMo) enough. The trails are burly, buff & not crowded at all. I believe that most people who frequent the park don't realize what else is there. No problem, we'll keep that to ourselves. A group ride was put in motion and we assembled at the parking lot near the bottom of Ranger Trail. There would be some HAB on this day, but I knew that going in, nothing wrong with pushing your bike every now and again.
The morning was a crisp 46ยบ degrees, but super clear.

Kathleen taking a breather after the climb up Ranger.
Michael rode strong all day

Kathleen & Cameron on the approach.

Keep your eyes on the trail Cameron!

Clay was visiting from Colorado, glad he wasn't in snow on this day.

Really cool ridgeline leading up to the drop off the face of the Earth.

This shot shows the new cut-in on Pyramid going low to the left of the hill.
Cameron taking it all in.
Chuck with the Sierra Estrella's in the background.

Get a few spines stuck in you and that smile will vanish!

Chuck negotiating a tough switchback.

Popular expression on this descent.

View of the upcoming climb up Bursera Trail (aka Bees Knees)

This descent demands your attention.

Taking one last break when we ran into Mike

On our way to the saddle on the right then over to Bajada Trail.

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