April 16, 2013

Arizona Trail Race '13

As of this writing the little countdown clock to the right is getting dangerously close to zero. I can't wait. I'm all set for LIVE tracking via Trackleaders. Checklist is made, gone over a dozen times or so already. Gear is spread out....all over the kitchen table!! Butterflies are starting to churn. I'm ready. I only have two goals in this year's AZT300: have fun, finish.
Finish line for the 300.
This year's weather forecast is looking favorable, dry mild nights, warm to borderline hot desert days. This is my kind of riding.

It's cool that I have a bunch of friends also lining up on Friday, help me cheer on: Bob M., Chad B., Eric F. (750 & Triple Crown), Jeff Z., Nancy G, Jonathan B., Mark A., Max M. (750 & Triple Crown), Ray H., Rhino N., Scott M. (750) and Steve G. Best of luck to you all while pushing your personal limits.

Let's RIDE.

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