June 19, 2011

More Dynamite Please

I was feeling a little unfullfilled after our ride at Pima/Dynamite last week. I failed to follow the GPS course correctly so I didn't really get to see new terrain, especially the northern reaches of the area.  So, I ventured back out with a purpose, FOLLOW THE GPS TRACKS!!  Seron and I were going to make a good effort today to find new terrain, but alas his alarm clock came out of the wall and he overslept!!  Bummer, he missed a great ride!  Here are some pics from today:

Spent alot of time on trail 21 today

Beautiful desert vistas abound

One of the many bouldering sections along the way

The desert may look flat, don't be deceived

Tonto National Forest boundary

Great idea, but the box was empty

View of Granite & Cholla Mtns. from my northern turnaround

Mushroom Rock

Slant Mtn. in the background

Nice view of the backside of the McDowell Mtns. (Tom's Thumb is left of center)

Mushroom Rock made a great spot for lunch - shady!

Granite Mtn.

Look! There is some 'chunk' at P&D!!

The mighty giant of the desert

Fun stretch of trail aptly named Rollercoaster

Cone & Slant Mtns.

Squeezing the ride between the boulders on Rollercoaster

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  1. Killer pic's! Seron should have 2 buy a new alarm clock!!!