December 12, 2021

Kaiser Spring Bikepack??

 The more time we spend riding around Nothing, the more we find!! Robert hatched a plan to explore Kaiser Spring Canyon as a day ride, no bikepacking gear since we'd be making a loop back to the vehicles. We'd then load up, ride down near Warm Spring and spend the rest of the day hanging out, camping, then head out the next morning. The bikepacking portion would be a grand total of 3 miles...roundtrip. Massive!!

A solid group of soul riders gathered off US93 north of Nothing: Robert, myself, Mike W, Mike S, Andy & G Mack!! We'd start by riding a portion of our Nothing Bikepacking ride from earlier in the year.

My car was reading 31ยบ at the start, but the sun was shining and there was climbing right out of the gate to get the blood pumping.

Pre-ride treat, driving through the Joshua Tree parkway at sunrise.
I realized shortly after passing through the Joshua Trees that I should've stopped for gas in Wickenburg. The extra drag & weight of the bikes on my old car was sucking down the gas rather quickly. I made a note to be sure to head north to Wikieup after the ride to top off!!

 The gang taking in the views from the high point of our loop. Photo by Mike W.

Sure do love this area. Photo by Mike W.

After a chunky-ish climb, we dump out on Burro Creek Rd.

Now the ride begins, our turnoff into Kaiser Spring Canyon.

A bit of rain the day before sure was nice on the sand. Photo by Andy.

Things got spicy quick!!

Mike S. approves of the rocky wash. Photo by G Mack.

If I wasn't in this pic, those boulders would look small. Photo by Robert.

'It looks rideable over there!!' Photo by Robert.

G Mack!! Photo by Andy.

Getting narrow now. Photo by Robert.

Kaiser Spring, flowing from the rock face. Nature is neat.

It's almost a trail!!

Up close & personal with the cliff walls.

We were now following the water runoff down the canyon. Photo by Robert.

Autumn was in the air. Photo by Robert.

More boulder hopping. Photo by Mike W.

We were settling into the pace, ride a bit, scramble a bit, repeat. Photo by Andy.

This was the only area that was choked shut with vegetation. It wasn't too long and made for some interesting route choices by each of us to get through.

Exiting the vegetation. Photo by Andy.

We're riding again!! Photo by Robert.

Photo by Robert.

For the most part, the sand held firm, even my 2.4" tires rode well.

Cool rocks, but tricky foot placement. Photo by Mike S.

Just wide enough to sneak through. Photo by Mike S.

Andy the Animal rockin' the singlespeed. Photo by Mike W.

Mike S. cleared for takeoff!!

We were in constant awe around every turn.


Picked clean. Photo by G Mack.

What a stunning place to ride. Photo by Mike S.

Teamwork for the scramble down.

The canyon opens for a short bit.

Photo by Mike S.

Robert getting the fatty airborne.

Here, kitty, kitty. Saw a lot of tracks down here.

More bike hand downs. Photo by Robert.

This one required a lead into the sand pit. Photo by Robert.

Awkward takeoff, but soft landing. Photo by Mike W.

Robert had scouted this section already, so we knew we had a good exit.

A rare rideable boulder. Photo by Mike S.

Powerlines come into view, the end is near.

This was one of the best areas of the slot canyon.

Photo by G Mack.

Awesome. Photo by Robert.

Such a cool area to ride through.

There's the shot!! Got lucky with the sun poking over the ridge.

Andy & G Mack declaring this a winner!! Photo by Mike W.

I can fit through that. Photo by Robert.

Photo by Mike S.

Photo by Robert.

US93 bridge comes into view.

This ended our loop, a mere 13 miles, but super cool.
Beers for everyone!! We took a snack break then began loading the bikes for the 1 1/2 mile ride to camp. Robert would drive his van a bit closer so we could haul in some firewood easily. We arrived at the warm spring to nobody. Perfect.

#truestory. Photo by Mike S.

This made for a very relaxing afternoon & evening.
Another couple came by a bit later and seemed a bit annoyed they didn't have the spring to themselves. We offered to make room as there was plenty, but they kept hiking.

Relaxing by the fire, watching the shadows dance on the canyon walls. Photo by Andy.

The spring was calling to us again in the morning. Photo by Andy.

Breakfast around the campfire.

Plenty of soft areas to sleep in.

The cool morning air made the spring feel hot at first.

Some locals came by to say hi.

We gave them plenty of room to pass through.

Seems we weren't the only ones interested in the spring.
We began packing up and I made my way back to the car while the others went for a hike down to Burro Creek. Remember? I still needed gas, so I drove to Wikieup while Mike W. did some hiking since we were carpooling.

Burro Creek which was only a short hike from camp. Photo by Mike W.

Photo by G Mack.

Photo by Mike W.

Lots of mining evidence around these parts. Photo by G Mack.

Photo by Mike W.

Reflections in Burro Creek. Photo by Mike S.

Making my way back to the car by US93.

Perfect timing as I just returned from Wikieup. $5.40 a gallon for supreme unleaded!!
Thanks again, Robert for putting this idea together. That was probably the most time I've ever spent at camp during a bikepacking ride, also the shortest bikepacking ride evah!! Let's do another one soon.