May 5, 2012


Cinco de Mayo usually brings the notion of tipping back a few margaritas or cervezas, this year was no different. There was however, one very cool celestial display on the darkening horizon.  This full moon would be the brightest of the year. Kathleen invited a few photogs to her sister's rooftop in Rio Verde to watch the moon rise over the flanks of the Four Peaks.

I had to track down a tripod, mine is out of commission at the moment, to have any hope of capturing anything of significance. This was by far my first real attempt at lunar photography. Learned a ton, still have plenty to gain moving forward. In the end I was pleased with my results. Here are a few of my favorite ones.

This was our view to the northeast just before moonrise / sunset.

SuperMoon 2012 has arrived!

A few high clouds past by, just to make things interesting.

Silhouette of Tom's Thumb in the McDowell Mtns.

This one has a ghostly glow about it.

Although a bit blurry, I like the details on the lens flare.

On our way home the Fountain Hills fountain was spouting, I caught this as it was being shut down.

A very luminous moon now high above.

SuperMoon 2012

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