July 25, 2012

Summer Suffer Series

I've been working two jobs for over 7 years now, luckily my evening part-time gig is fun and during the summer we start later for a 2 month stretch. I live too far away to realistically go home between jobs, but the good news is South Mountain Park is right out the back door of my day job. This allows me about 2 1/2 hours twice a week for some weekday riding on the fantastic trails throughout the park. The bad news? My window to ride is from 3-5:30pm during June & July!! Typical start temps range from 105º - 112º, or to quote my friend, Michael, I'm riding under the 'anvil of the sun'. Sure, it's hot, but you do get acclimated to it.

Riding habits change a bit, for example any opportunity for grab a slice of shade is acutely noticed and taken.  South Mountain (SoMo) is usually very crowded during the other 8 months of the year, so it's really nice to have the trails all to myself. The two overriding principles of my summer rides are this: take way more water than you'll need and regulate the ride pace.  Most, if not all, trails at the park are game for these rides. I don't cut out the ones with big climbs, I may just walk a bit more.  Here are a few routes I've done during my suffer series:

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  1. That is some hot riding. Ouch. No wonder you lose 6lbs!