November 21, 2012

Spread the Gold Canyon Stoke

Over the past year I've taken a bunch of friends out to the Gold Canyon trails for the first time and everytime it's the same reaction. Man that was FUN!! There's something about the twisting, swooping flow that just puts a smile of your face. There are no lung busting climbs, but you'll have to catch your breath. There are no death defying downhill runs, but your wrists will ache. It's simply this: great singletrack in a lush desert setting with unparalleled views. Not to mention all the dedication the local trail builders put into this place, well thought out trail design, trail signage and a willingness to show others the goods!!

I'm lucky enough to live close enough to consider Gold Canyon one of my backyard riding areas. My latest venture to GC I took one of my co-workers out to experience it for the first time. Scott has been steadily getting more and more into the riding scene after some years away. it's really cool to see him progress. Our route for the day would be around 16 miles and would include all the major attractions over a very squiggly loop.
Hitting the ledge drop on Cougar.
Starting the descent near the end of Gila Monster.
Wooden berm on Gila Monster.
Superstition Mtns watching guard.
Hitting the roller at the start of K-Trail.
We rode Lost Goldmine -> Cougar -> Holy Hill -> Old Horse Trail -> Connector to the back end of K-Trail -> Up to the Vortex -> Gila Monster -> Diamondback -> K-Trail -> Connector back to Old Horse Trail -> Back to Parking Lot.

About 10 miles in Scott started with some cramping issues so we backed off the pace to finish the ride.
Back at the car, he mentioned how this was the best trail network he's been on, it's hard to argue. Scott had to leave, I hit my cooler for some refreshments and headed back out to sample some of the other new additions.

I was able to ride the new connector from Cougar to Gila Monster, Kiki (connector from Secret to Snowbird), the new downhill on Snowbird and I finished my ride out by hitting up an old friend - Quartz Ridge. My second lap finished just before sunset and let me tell you, if you have to pick a perfect time to be out in Gold Canyon be sure to hit the golden hour!! You won't be disappointed.

My friend, Phil, has a nice map of the area to get you started. Now go ride.

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