January 4, 2013

Photo Shoot!

A fellow co-worker, An, is quite a phenomenal photographer. So when he asked me to be a subject for one of his projects, I couldn't refuse. His project: Photographing 10 active adults who are passionate about their sports. I sure fit the bill for mountain biking!

We met after work one Friday in the late afternoon sun over at Papago Park in Phoenix. Papago just so happens to be the very first place I rode a mountain bike way back in 1994. I crashed pretty good that day,testing out my helmet. I was not deterred and quickly fell in love with the sport. We set up over by Hole-in-the-Rock for the first batch of pics, then moved over by the Amphitheater off of McDowell Rd for the rest.

Thanks again An for the opportunity, they came out great!

An Pham Photography
An Pham Photography
Stylin' desert winter look! An Pham Photography
An Pham Photography
An Pham Photography
Downtown Phoenix
Peace out.

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