March 13, 2013

AZSF: Gold Canyon

This was the 3rd iteration of the Gold Canyon Arizona Spring Fling (AZSF), but Phil couldn't make it due to work. I decided to step in and host this year's event. After all, Gold Canyon is practically one of my backyard riding systems. This ride is more of a pre-Fling ride since it is held mid-week in the afternoon, but that's what 1/2 workdays are for!!

The group assembled and we were pedaling shortly after 1pm on a picture perfect AZ spring day. Our group was about 12 strong with 1/2 of the riders experiencing Gold Canyon for the first time. I love showing these trails to the uninitiated. My route was what I consider the main loop through the system for about 16 miles. I'll let the pictures do the talking here, my words don't do this place justice!
The group enjoying the views from the Vortex.
Greg riding the wood berm.
Find the bikers!
Nothing like this in the U.K.!!
Michael making the outside line look easy.
Dave showing off his good form.
Ho-hum, where's the challenge here?!?!
Soaking up the views.
Noel lining up the Outer Limits.
Graham riding strong & getting some sun on those legs!!
Dave was flyin'.
We only had one slow leaking tire the entire day out there, not bad for a group of that size in some rugged terrain. Thanks to everyone who came out, such a fun day at a relaxed pace. Gold Canyon is a hoot!!

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