October 27, 2013

Tomahawk Chop!!

My wife grew up in Tallahassee, FL and graduated from FSU (some time ago...) and I've been wanting to attend a football game down there for years. We finally had a good weekend to go as they were hosting NC State and honoring the legendary coach, Bobby Bowden. K departed earlier in the week since I was all out of vacation time. What followed was another 48 hr whirlwind tour across the good 'ol US of A.

I scooted out of work an hour early on Friday, hustled down to the airport, paid my $20 1st class upgrade and hopped aboard a flight to.....Atlanta. I couldn't get into Tallahassee that night & the flights looked tough for standby travel early the next morning. I touched down around 10p & picked up a rental car for the 5 hr drive south.
Shoot 'em up, Welcome to Florida!!
I arrived just before 4a and promptly hit the sack!

We made our way over to Doak Campbell stadium after a stop for chicken sandwiches from Lindy's, man is that place is good!!
After a quick tailgating lunch we walked around a bit taking in the gameday buzz. Tallahassee is definitely a college town with FSU being the only ticket in town. I was a bit surprised that during the hourlong tour outside of the stadium I didn't see ONE NC State fan, not one. Living in the Phoenix melting pot it's not uncommon for people to wear other team's gear to a game, even when that team isn't playing here!!
FSU usually has a good baseball team.
I'm not a SF Giants fan, but this guy can mash.
Not your typical looking football stadium.
Baseball scoreboard.
Cool football tradition.
A few past triumphs.
Sod from a recent victory over Clemson.
You know you're good when they plop a statue out front.
The Marching Chiefs getting set to enter the stadium.
Torch is lit for game days!!
We made our way to the far reaches of the bleachers next to the NC State section. The pre-game festivities ensued and before long it was time for kickoff!!
Packed house!
Renegade & Chief Osceola.
Bobby thanking the hundreds of ex-players who came back in honor.
Plant that spear!!
Kickoff!! The game was still close....
 Eight minutes into the game it was 35-0 and most of the NC State fans vacated their seats in favor of a bar stool on Tennessee St. We were enjoying the atmosphere as the stands emptied. We were able to move over to the home side of the field for the second half. K met up with an old college friend she hadn't seen in over 20 years!
View from the home side.
Bobby even came into the stands to show his appreciation.
That's a wrap.
We stopped by Barnaby's pizza afterwards, then packed up as we were looking at a 4am wake-up call. Our drive north to Atlanta didn't give us enough time for a stop at Steak 'n Shake, then we arrived a bit too close at the airport and missed out on The Varsity too, bummer.
At least both states were shot up.
We were able to get on an early flight out of the ATL on Delta, it was good to be back in the desert shortly after lunch. Another whirlwind weekend in the books.

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