February 25, 2014

50 Year Trail: BBB

I've been ogling the weekly photos from Tucson for years. Last year I mentioned to Chad & Scott that I was bound to make it down for a Tuesday Techy Taco (TTT) ride. I finally had my shit together, rounded up a carpooling bud, Jason, and with his friend Alex following along, made the 1 1/2 hour drive to Catalina.

Two other fellas, Tim & Sean, would also be joining in the fun. The premise behind these rides is simple, ride the 50 Year Trail and keep your eyes open for fun alt-lines to explore next to the trail. Then play on each feature until everyone is ready to move on to the next one.

I like technical challenges, but lately the TTT rides have morphed into BBB rides. Big Bike Burrito rides!! I like burritos, let's go anyway!! I had a feeling I'd be in way over my head, but I also knew there would be something there for me to play on.
Tim's smooth fluid riding was fun to watch.
Alex preparing to drop off.
Chad's facial expressions paint the scene.
Take #2 for Alex.
Found an extremely well fed Gila Monster bumbling through the desert.
Big ups on this move.
Some of these features may not look like much, but upon further investigation there's usually a snag to overcome for a clean run-out.
Jason arcing a loop-de-loop drop-in.
Scott making this one look easy.
Alex follows suit.
Sean was confident, fearless and smooth executing sick moves like this off camber step-down while dodging ocotillo branches!!
Sean nailing a step-up, then rolling down this slab to a gap jump.
Alex enjoying a bit of sun.
Slot canyon of sorts, makes for a good gap jump.
Jason looking good on take-off....
Ooofff!!! Just a bit short on the landing, pssss goes the rear tire!!
Scott planning his attack...
See the line, BE the line.
Scott & Jason playing follow the leader.
There I go, rolling a huge one, wink, wink. Photo by Scott.
One of my favorite shots of the day. Cool crested saguaro in the background too.
Scott on the full sequence.
Beautiful scene all around.
Scott on the approach...
...riding the fine knife edge...
...exiting clean on a not-so standard finish.
Close-up of the exit line.
Endless opportunities out here!
I fell backwards on my first approach, not enough momentum, but cleaned it the second go-round. Photo by Scott.
We picked up another rider!! Rob was out playing around on his coaster brake Klunker.
Rob is core.
Always smiling, having a grand 'ol time. Why wouldn't he, he's out riding bikes!!
Alex making a run at it.
Chad pulling the ripcord.
Scott coming in hot...
...arcing the turn over the tricky spot...
...clean exit.
Chad diving over the edge of Lunch Rock.
We're about to get a show!!
Scott rolling this natural quarter pipe.
Rob checking for clearance.
Kudos Jason, pulling the trigger after a few approaches up top.
Rob getting waaaayy back!!
Lunch Rock.
One last fiery display puts the exclamation point on a great ride.
Thanks again to Chad & Scott for showing a few Phoenicians the goods in your backyard. The trails around Catalina & the Tortolitas are closer than I think. I'll be back for sure, hopefully on a more regular basis.

Of course the day wasn't complete until we all chowed down on some fine burritos from Nico's, so good.

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  1. That's some good stuff there. I always like a good session.