May 5, 2014

Letter of Intent: AZTR750

IN. All in. See that countdown clock over there on the right? That's when I'll be leaning up against the Mexico border fence in southern Arizona with my eyes set on Utah. The Arizona Trail race kicks off on April 3rd, 2015. Most will line up for the 300 mile version as I did in 2012 & 2013, but after completing the 300 last year and cheering for friends from the sidelines this year, I realized that I have to be out there for the 750. Scott informed me: 'It's the next logical step.' Ok.
Mountain biking route for the AZTR750.
I want to ride, push, drag & carry my bike across this wonderful state of ours. The Arizona Trail offers this experience to those willing to suffer. I will suffer. I will get the reward for suffering, completing arguably the toughest bikepacking event around. It's going to be awesome!!

There are a slew of logistics to figure out over the next year. The most glaring one, how to affix my bike as comfortable as possible to my back for the portage through the Grand Canyon. Gives me chills just thinking about it. Having gear to prepare me for the cold northern Arizona nights & any possible storms that may roll through. I don't like to be cold!! Arriving at remote re-supply locations during business hours will be a potential challenge. Among other things, convincing K to drive to Utah to pick me up!!

I'll need my fair share of luck too, seems like all the 750 finishers dodge some kind of snafu along the way.

I felt physically & mentally prepared for an attempt this year, but not enough vacation time. I think I know what it takes to line up for this event. We'll see.

Here are a few ride reports from recent years, including this past April.

Aaron Boatman
Jill Hueckman (part 1, part 2)

Eric Foster
Forest Baker
Cjell Money (DNF)
Ross Cairns (DNF)

Jill Hueckman (Day 1, Finishing the 300, to Utah)

Aaron Johnson's amazing video, well worth the time!!
Google Earth flyover by Aaron Johnson
Arizona Trail Race Flyover from Aaron Johnson on Vimeo.

Scott (pt1, pt2, pt3, pt4) & Eszter's (pt1, pt2, pt3, pt4) Tour


  1. Dude, you are my hero!! Way to go all in! If you need a ride back, I could easily be convinced to come pick you up.

  2. Incredibly cool. It's going to be a crazy tough adventure, I'm super impressed you've committed to this. I'll be proud to watch that blue dot!

  3. Excellent plan;I remember shortly after doing the AZTR 300 in 2013 that it might be possible to actually try the 750.The mind works in strange ways,after so much ordeal go ahead and double it! Highly recommend the experience.Special thanks to you for many tips along the way. Would like to join you on a ride or two sometime,especially if you come Flagstaff way

  4. Larry, how about a ride to the start!! Thanks Randy, just have to keep that JS dot moving north. Jeff, I'll definitely let you know when I'm up in Flag, it sure was fun watching you & Ron this past year. Incredible effort to get it done!!