June 15, 2014

Sedona: A Look Into the Past

A couple months ago I was getting a west Sedona dirt road tour from the Red Rock Chica and vowed to return for some hiking in the area. It was now time to bring K north and show her the goods we saw that day. We met up again with the RRC opting to take the urban assault vehicle over to the Palatki & Honanki Heritage sites. We forgot to call ahead, but were able to squeeze into a tour since it wasn't peak tourist season.

The groups are kept pretty small for the Ranger led hike.
The first set of ruins.
A few artifacts rounded up nearby.
Towering cliffs all around.
An RRC re-creation.
Some very well preseerved pictographs.
Many theories abound regarding the meanings.
View from the second dwelling.

I thought these were the coolest ones.
Charles Willard homesteaded the area in the 1920's and lived here while he built his farmhouse, now the visitor center.
Symmetrical crevasse in the cliff side.
What?!?! A Seminole & Gator co-existing??

Willard ranch house / visitor center.
We loaded up the UAV and made our way over to the Honanki Heritage site a few miles away. The ruins here are self-guided and located in one spot stretched out below a cliff.

The canyon walls shielded the inhabitants from the howling wind.
Natural overhangs provide relief from the sun.
Ventilation for the structures.
Full moon fever.
Interesting figure.

A few of the walls are still quite tall.
K enjoying the day.
Must be quite the sight during a storm.
It was a fun day hanging in the uncrowded west Sedona backcountry. Thanks for being the tourguide once again RRC!! Get that pesky hinge of yours healed up for some more grand adventures.

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