December 31, 2014

2014 Retrospective

2014 has come and gone, memories created, plans hatched for 2015. It wasn't all about riding, but close. This past year broke down into trimesters of sorts, the first was seemingly littered with huge rides, the middle part slowed down, but I was able to get some travel in and the back end of the year found things ramping back up in preparation for April's AZTR750.

When I wasn't working, here's how I saw 2014:

We were fortunate to nab a pair of tickets to see FSU win the national championship at the Rose Bowl.
Unfortunately, upon our return we had to put down our family pet, Neubie, after 15 years.
The riding kicked off on the annual AZT Jamboree.
AZT #20: Four Peaks did not disappoint.
I DNF'd my first try at the Gila100.
We linked up a route traversing the east valley.
Witnessed a ton of amazing sunrises & sunsets.
Had a fun time on the AES Tor de 50.
I took a vacation day to do a stoopid ride at S. Mtn. The Sawtooth 70 was born.
The annual Picketpost to Kelvin shuttle.
I finally made it down to Tucson for a weekly Techy Taco Tuesday ride.
Death Valley was off the charts amazing!!
Scott's Camp Tucson event, I attended 2 of 3 rides, even Krista Park showed up!!
Plenty of local rides too.
Rob, Klunking his way around the AES Sedona BFL.
The inaugural running of the Salty-Gila Tour was a blast, 200 mile loop from my front door!!
I roped in the RRC for 1/2 of this silliness: BCT100.
My trusted riding compadre made his way back to Ripsey after a long knee recovery.
K participated in the annual Pat's Run in Tempe.
The trimester came to a close on a Flagstaff to Sedona outing.
Things were heating up in the desert and so was the BeerDURO series!
Some recon rides are best done solo, AZT #19 fit the bill.
AZT #19 reminded me of other area attractions for K and I to see.
Seron & I made a trek to CO for 3 days of intense riding.
A day hike to Sedona's heritage sites was really interesting.
I borrowed a bike to sample some fun trails in Tallahassee.
Rallied the troops for another Mogollon Bikepack..
Tried to nab some elusive Pliny the Elder on a flyaway beer run.
Hiking for biking recon along the Highline trail.
Met up with a HS buddy to ride the Raystown Lake trails in PA.
Sampled some fine offerings at the local AZ Distilling Co.
Pt. Sublime on our Kaibab bikepack kicked off the final trimester of 2014.
Two days of splendid riding in Flagstaff.
Attended my 4th BeerDURO of the summer.
We tested out our wet weather gear on the Kaibab.
Heavy monsoon storms took a toll on local trails.
A bunch of crazies showed up for the AES Coco250.
A brutal, but beautiful bikepack near Sunflower.
We kept the suffering close to home on the NoPho loop.
We took a more scenic approach to Montana Mtn. for some trailwork.
Shelled. A gross understatement after the AES Picketpost Pulverizer.
Mesa has a new playground: Desert Trails Park.
Met some friends for a fun ride at Brown's Ranch, then 2 weeks later took ZERO pics on the AES McDowell 60.
It's always a good time down by the Gila, add in Ripsey for a better time.
Snow, mud and re-worked trail on the Highline.
Training for the Grand Canyon portion of the AZTR750 is underway!
It's always good practice to have a Plan B.
Christmas in the desert.
New Year's Eve, in the rain on S. Mtn. what a way to end the year.
Thanks for looking, see you out on the trails in 2015!!

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