January 9, 2015

Gold Canyon: Fantastic 4

There's been some recent activity out on the Gold Canyon trails. New dirt!! Four trails now link the Lost Goldmine east end down to the Snowbird area. I thought I'd make special mention of  these since they seem to capture the feel of the Gold Canyon standard: K-Trail.

So check 'em out, put some tracks down on: TD, Coyote, Outer Limits & Don't Fence Me In.

Here's a cool map widget courtesy of Trailforks:

A few recent pics:
Looking north on TD.
West end of Outer Limits.
East end of Outer Limits.
Junction of Snowbird & TD.
Coyote split off TD.
Northbound on TD.
East view on Coyote.
Coyote meets Don't Fence Me In.
D.F.M.I. turning south off Lost Goldmine.
There's now a solid days worth of riding available on the Gold Canyon trails. Time to get creative with the routes!

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