May 15, 2016

Tallytown Beer Run

Ok, it wasn't really a beer run all the way to Tallahassee, but it felt that way!! K flew out there a week or so beforehand for some R & R down at Mexico Beach with some friends. I am running low on vacation time after my riding exploits, so I opted to shoot over there for a couple of days.

I tried getting out of PHX Thursday afternoon, but missed the flight by one stinkin' seat. Instead of sleeping at DFW or CLT, I went home to bang out a large chunk of my AZTR750 ride report and return to the airport to catch the redeye to CLT. Both worked to plan and I arrived in Tallahassee the next morning, sort of awake, but hungry and ready for a brew.
Cool delivery truck at Proof Brewing Co.
Always a good idea to take a flight after a flight.
Plenty of solid breweries in Florida.
This one was brought back from North Carolina. So good.
We spent most of Friday sampling beers around town and stocking up on our favorites to bring back to the desert. I always travel with a bunch of ski socks, provides safe travel for my hoppy friends.
I'm glad I can get Yuengling in Florida since I don't get to PA as often.
Saturday was a relax day down by the Gulf visiting K's sister. The weather was about as perfect as it could get down there.
View from the deck. All the homes have water access to the Gulf.
If you're not built on the beach, go high so you can see it!!
House or hotel?
The closer we walked to the water's edge, the bigger the homes became.
The open waters of the Gulf of Mexico are beyond those trees.
The two days went by in a blur, but it was fun. Early Sunday morning we were airborne again heading back to the desert. It's short trips like these when I'm most thankful for the airline benefits I have. I need to do more of them.
Sunrise over Tallahassee.
Somewhere near the Arizona / New Mexico line.
San Tan Valley area in the SE corner of Phoenix.
Tempe Town Lake and Camelback Mtn. on the final approach.

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