August 10, 2016

WY: Curt Gowdy SP

Curt Gowdy must have been a really cool dude to get such an awesome place named after him. The Curt Gowdy State Park, 25 miles west of Cheyenne, WY, is the real deal. It shows up on the IMBA Epics list for good reason and I only sampled a fraction of what it had to offer for mountain bikers.
Come on in!!
Once again I aimed to keep my ride around the two hour mark. There were a bunch of starting options & trails available, what to ride? I slapped together a track and for the most part stuck to it, but as I went along if I found something that looked better than my route, I took it!!

The park is mainly situated around two reservoirs, Granite Springs & Crystal Lake, with plenty of camping areas and trails all over the place. We parked up near Granite Springs and I took off.

Stone Temple Circuit was my choice. Wow. It had a little bit of everything!! Great singletrack, aspens, dodging boulders and technical play areas that were optional.
Great trail to get the blood pumping.
I was surprised to see aspens here.
I should've ridden Ignouramus just because of the name!
Overlooking Granite Springs.
Up close to the granite outcroppings.
There were a few 'play areas' along the way. This one had some rick drops & spines to ride on.
plenty of rocks to keep your attention.
Went OTB on a rock face, but Shannon would've been proud. I stuck the landing: 10.
Who doesn't like water crossings that are rideable?
I completed the first loop fairly quickly and rolled back through the parking lot to touch base with K. I then set out to see if I could get close to the lower reservoir.
What's this? Skills park!! Nice!!
Granite Ridge trail was superb. Good climbing and great views of the lake.
The trail rolled right over the natural terrain features.
Start of a long flowy downhill.
Out of the trees, the trail follows the park road, but you'd hardly know it.
Closer to Crystal Lake the trail became more advanced.
We must've passed thousands of these hay bails along our travels, it was only fitting.
Returning to Granite Springs.
So purdy.
I dumped back into the parking lot right at two hours!! Gotta keep the co-pilot happy!! I'd love to come back and spend a weekend exploring all the trails here, so much fun and quality riding.


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