November 23, 2016

n+1 Day!!

Where were we...oh yeah, Picketpost trailhead. My buddy, Bart, unveiled an offer way too good to pass up and a few days later I was the proud owner of his old bike. Not just any old bike, a Ti Motobecane hardtail 29er!!

I've been mountain biking since '94 and have never owned more than one mountain bike at a time. Ever. (I've failed at Rule #12) My (n+1) number has always been 1, until today.

I was a little surprised how well it fit since it's a medium frame and my Voodoo is an XL. But Bart and I are only a few inches different in height and bikes are adjustable!!

Needless to say, I couldn't wait to get it out on the trails. I didn't want to change anything on it for the first few rides. I really wanted the feel of it 'as is'.
Welcome to the fold Moto Ti.
It just so happened that the Red Rock Chica was down in the big city and I've been trying for years to get her over to the Gold Canyon trails. Today was the day. We met up near the trailhead and she immediately noticed the new ride. "Hey, that's not the Voodoo!?!' I think she was almost as stoked as I was!

We got rolling on a quick late afternoon tour through most of the good stuff. Enough to get a real taste of what the Gold Canyon trails are all about. Flow, fun and a little bit of tech surrounded by the amazing Superstition Mtns.
Puttin' the squeeze in Saguaro Squeeze.
I think she likes it. Plus, she's really strong, that bike weighs something like 80lbs!! Ok, maybe not.
Starting the K-Trail rollercoaster ride.
Huge wash descent on Jodi's Dream.
The shadows grow long for the final miles.

It was a relatively short spin, but an awesome ride both on the new bike and showing the RRC the goods. We'll be back to sample the rest soon.

Even at a chill pace I could tell the new bike wanted to fly. I could feel the 6 lb difference immediately. This is gonna be fun. Bart, I can't thank you enough, but maybe photos of the rig on many grand adventures will speak volumes of my appreciation. Thank you.

As a side note, the Voodoo isn't being retired. No way. It now has a new purpose. It's already been converted to a singlespeed, SS. I'm looking forward to hitting my familiar trails with that setup as well.
I have an idea for a color scheme on this fella.
Gold Canyon short tour route:

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