June 17, 2017

A Hawes Horse Tale

Word on the interwebs stated a new trail had been roughed in out at Hawes. By all accounts it sounded fairly primitive, my kind of trail.

No better person to explore a new local trail than my 'ol riding bud, Seron. He'd been getting back on the bike lately and we were able to make our schedules work. No longer Team Voodoo, but the Burrito Brothers remain even if no tasty tortilla wrapped goodness was had.

We were about to head out when a rider, Landon, showed up a bit late for meeting his riding pals. He was new to the trail system, so we offered to show him around.
Great perspective of Red Mountain from the top of Magic Mountain.
Shred the gnar!! Photo by Seron

Yeah!! Carve it.
Here's the new guy, Landon.
At the bottom of Secret trail Landon was ready to call it a day. It was his first ride after a 2 month break. We chatted for a bit and the conversation led to Seron & I talking about some of the local endurance rides. Landon said something along the lines of 'I sure picked the wrong guys to follow around today!' I told him, 'No way, you found the right guys to follow!' We'll see if our paths cross at a future AES event.

Seron & I wound our way over to Twisted Sister where we found an old Hawes trail friend.
The high contours of Twisted Sister.
Hello, old friend.

We bombed down off Twisted Sister and knew the new trail, Horse Tale, would be coming up on our left. It was easy enough to find. The trail elevation profile looked a bit more downhill in this direction. The first half or so of the trail rode really well.
Sweeping views of Red Mountain.
A burnt streak from a recent brush fire.
Random objects you wouldn't expect to find out here.

Our exit of Horse Tale. Photo by Seron.
Overall, we liked the trail. It's still raw, a bit loose and could use a little bit of work in a few spots. I'll be interested to see how it holds up when the rains come. More tires will help firm up the tread. In time it'll be a nice addition to the network.
Putting a wrap on a fine morning.
It was so good to ride the trails with Seron once again. It had been over a year since our last ride!! Hopefully we'll start doing this on a more regular basis.
It's official, I'm a Hawesaholic. Cool shirts for the locals put together by Mr. Beerduro, Shawn. Well done!!
Hawes Horse Tale flyover


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