November 24, 2017

Gold Canyon: Ti Cojones

A call went out to our local East Valley Facebook group: Hawesaholics, from Curtis about doing a group ride in Gold Canyon. It had been a while since I last rode over there and Evan was still in town looking for more ride options.

We met up with the group for a nice tour of the fun stuff, including the newer Hoo Doo trail, now with another option for getting down the steep section.
Jacob on an off camber section of Hoo Doo.





Jacob on the new line, Cojones.

Evan dripping in.

The route carves over a few steep boulder slabs into a short drainage.

Mark on the lower rock roll.

Power move on the final boulder hurdle.

Steep runout to the end of the trail.

Jacob gives it a go.

Jacob takes on the tougher entrance to K-trail.

Evan glides over a double rock move on Phantom.

Chuck rolling through the Tech Loop.

Curtis doesn't worry about picking a good line, just bomb it.
Jacob had to cut out a little early while the rest of us did the Quartz Loop climb. It's the longest sustained climb in Gold Canyon. The ridgeline views are pretty spectacular too. We were about 2/3 through the descent when I heard a loud 'TING'!! Snapped Titanium seatpost. Drat.

I tried riding without a seat and that grew old real quick. I was able to pull the broken portion out of the frame easily and installed what was left of the post & seat. I figured a low seat was better than no seat. Sure was. Thankfully, we only had a couple of miles until the end so it wasn't a big deal.

It may be time for a dropper post.

No bueno.
In spite of the busted post, it was a fun day tooling around the local trails once again. Thanks to Curtis for organizing the group dynamic, let's do it again soon.



  1. Oh snap! I've been riding with the BikeYoke Revive dropper for a couple of months now and love it. Let me know if you want to check it out.