May 28, 2018

San Tan Saguaros

I decided to sleep in a bit on Memorial Day before going out on a short ride from home. It was around 9:30a by the time I got rolling. I was on my way down to San Tan Regional Park, my closest trail system, that I only seem to ride a couple of times per year. The trails are fun, but there isn't a ton of mileage and it would get stale rather quickly if I rode there consistently.

I found out quickly that my heat acclimatization really isn't on par yet. Slow and steady was my goal as the temps were already tickling the low 90's.

I made my way up & over Dynamite trail, still the best trail at the park IMO. There were still quite a bit of trail users out on this warm morning. People haven't completely written off the outdoors in the Phoenix area yet.
Southbound on the San Tan trail.

The trail makes a bend to the west as Rock Peak and the Malpais Cliffs make an appearance.

Saguaro blooms are coming to a close, but I found a low hanging one begging for a photo.

The signal of summer in the desert.

Hang loose bro. Even the Sonoran desert has cool vibes, man.
I was holding up fairly well in the heat, all things considered. No issues with the Achilles either. I started making my way up the west side of San Tan trail towards the park exit which includes a fun descent down Dynamite.
Sweet singletrack exit, 1.8 miles of downhill.

Found this short dirt connector near the Hunt Hwy.

Also stumbled upon this new community park under construction just off the Queen Creek multi-use path only a few miles from home.
I was back home a bit after noon, temps firmly in the mid-90's and I didn't feel like I was going to die. I think a few more warm rides will do the trick. It's also almost mandatory now as most of our northern trails are closed due to extremely dry conditions. Praying for an early monsoon season without much lightning!!


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