October 14, 2018

Gold Canyon: Group Ride

I saw an invite for a Gold Canyon group ride on the Hawesaholic FB page and decided to go. It's a great way to meet other riders and see old friends. It was an interesting sky as we gathered at the Cloudview trailhead, clouds hanging low over the Superstition Mtns.
Cloud cover is usually a welcome sight in these parts.
We had five in our group counting myself and one familiar face, Emile. The others, Dave, Jim & Chad were about to become new riding buds.

Not a whole lot to say other than we had a blast playing on the rocks. Enjoy the pics!
The guys checking out a few of the options at Spider Rock.

Jim takes the first roll.

Chad balked at the top, yet somehow managed to not crash or crush his nuts!!

Dave coming over the top.

Chad getting some redemption.

Emile liked it so much, he did it twice.

Dave on a steep roller on a spur trail off Jodi's Dream.

Jim tucked in.

Emile's turn.

Chad gettin' way back!!

Rejoining Jodi's Dream.

The cloud & light show continued as we climbed up Coyote trail.

Every trail at Gold Canyon will leave your jaw dropping.

One of two wooden bridges in the system.

Micro Moab has some fun lines.

Stay far left for this roll.

Jim was up next.

He too took the left line down.

Dave rolling the big rocks.

He stayed more center on the second slab.

Emile rides into a postcard.

Power up!
This has always tripped me up on Phantom, not today!! Photo by Chad.

It's a double up & over, slight dip in the middle that will sap momentum if you don't have enough. Photo by Chad.

Easy exit once the front wheel crests the apex. Photo by Chad.

Next was Where Ya Fromme?

Jim navigates the tricky entrance.

A-B is often the best choice.

Dave drops in.

Makes it look easy.

Emile lining things up.

Chad took a few tries, but got it to roll smooth.

The exit can be challenging too.

This is my favorite rock feature on the Tech Loop, Chad nails it.
On our way back to the trailhead I mentioned to Emile & Chad to follow me over some B-line features. I don't think we had been riding more than a minute when I took the wrong line over some rocks and hooked my front wheel. Down goes Johnny. Splat.
Desert road rash a day later.
I didn't take any other alternate lines back to the car!! In spite of that, it was a really fun day taking the time to play on the rocks a bit more and show some of the newcomers what Gold Canyon has to offer.

A few days later I went out for a quick afternoon spin at Hawes. I had to share these pics:
The top of Magic Mountain.

Fading light at Pride Rock overlooking Red Mountain.

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