December 28, 2018

BCT: Voodoo ReSSurrection

My buddy, Eric, posted up about a Black Canyon Trail, BCT, shuttle ride on Friday. I couldn't turn it down. This time we'd start a few miles farther north than my northern turnaround point a few weeks ago. We'd be riding from the Big Bug trailhead off SR69 down to Bumble Bee.

The big difference, aside from skipping the road climb north? My bike. I was beyond overdue to dust off the Voodoo. I hadn't ridden it since Jan. '17 I think. It sat in my garage collecting dust and forming Stanimals. When I destroyed my rear wheel during the Estrella Xmas ride, I just had to get the Voodoo up and running again. It's now a dedicated singlespeed, SS, rig. I swapped out the stem and put on wider bars. It felt perfect!! I was excited to take my 'ol riding bud for a spin.
The Voodoo back in its natural habitat.
I met up with the group, Eric, Mike, Tom & Matt in Bumble Bee and we made our way north. It was a chilly morning, hovering in the upper 30's, but the sun was shining and there were a few hills early to warm things up.

I was a bit surprised I was almost able to clear the first sustained climb of the ride, made it through all the chunky bits, but the last switchback sucked all my momentum. So close to the top!!
Mike & Matt cresting that climb.

Tom joins the fun.

Now the really fun section begins: Antelope Creek.

Can you find all 3 riders??
Shortly after this pic, Matt clipped a trailside boulder with his handlebars and took a tumble off the trail. Lucky for him he missed landing on any Prickly Pear cactus or other boulders. His knee took a good whack and after a few minutes we were back on our way.

Dropping into the Antelope Creek drainage.

Miles & miles of downhill contoured trail.

Ribbon of dirt weaves through the desert.

Nice perch to watch the fellas roll by.

Matt cruising, stiff knee and all, through the Treasure Mine segment.

Mike navigates a tricky turn into a chunky wash crossing.

Singletrack silhouette. 

Tom lines it up.

Matt's turn at the chunk.

Obligatory Bumble Bee Creek shot.

The crew.
 I wasn't exactly looking forward to the upcoming jeep road climb. It's not steep, but makes you work as you bump along over the rugged terrain. I was curious to see if I could clean it on the SS. Not quite, one small dismount, but otherwise a solid effort.
Matt topping out on the mile long jeep road climb.

Eric & Tom reach paydirt.
 We took a short break at the top of the climb and noticed it began to flurry. WTH? It wasn't that cold, but it was cool to see the flakes flyin'.
Mike rides into the big views of the Bradshaw Mtns.

This is another favorite section of mine. The trail curves around a bevy of hillsides, slightly up, then slightly down through boulders & Saguaros.

Eric among the giants.

We ran into these two bikepackers from Santa Cruz at the Bumble Bee trailhead. They were taking three days to ride the trail.

End of the line for the day on a most successful Voodoo ReSSurrection!! I really love this bike, it just fits.

Snow squalls on the drive home.
Thanks for putting this together, Eric. Super fun day on a rad trail. I think it's time to SS moar...

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