April 6, 2019

AZTR Logging Detour '19

The Arizona Trail immediately north of Flagstaff, on the flanks of Mt. Elden, is currently closed for a logging operation. This affects through travelers along the trail and I wanted to ride a mapped out detour for the upcoming AZTR750.

I had just wrapped up a few hours of skiing at Snowbowl and found out there are still more than 2 feet of snow at Aspen Corner near the AZT. The Humphreys snow detour will be in effect this year, taking riders a bit farther west to FR151.
Making the transformation from one recreational activity to another.
I made my way over to Buffalo Park and would ride the logging detour in the direction of the AZTR750 until it joined the AZT. The following is a pictorial of the route.
Riders will exit the AZT as they enter Buffalo Park on the Switzer Canyon trail.

Good spot for a photo op.

Stay back for a view of the peaks.

Coast downhill along the Switzer Canyon Trail to Turquiose Dr. & Forest Ave.
Riders will stay on Forest Ave. until it joins US180. Go right and cross US180 as soon as it's safe. Take an immediate left on Beal Rd.

Riding south on Beal Rd.

Look for the 'Trail crossing' sign and go right onto the FUTS. (Flagstaff Urban Trail System)

This multi-use path follows a drainage behind some homes.

A sneak peek of Humphreys Peak in between power poles.

The trail skirts a dirt jump park, gain street cred here.

Nice views of Mt. Elden too.

The crushed granite surface winds through a quiet neighborhood.

Continue westbound.

Pass by Cheshire Pond behind the Museum of Northern Arizona.

Getting closer!!

Wildlife murals on the Flagstaff Arts & Leadership Academy.

Riders will cross US180 and continue on Schultz Pass Rd.

Barricades marking the logging closure on Schultz Creek trail portion of the AZT.

Map showing Schultz Pass Rd. OPEN, aka FR420.

Schultz Pass Rd. is closed to motorized vehicles, bicyclists can easily ride around.

Well graded Schultz Pass Rd.

The next barricade marks the turnoff to singletrack on the Chimney Trail.

The Chimney trail is a fast 1 mile contoured rip through the forest.

Buffed out singletrack.

Stay right at the split.

Cross over the snow runoff.

Logging activity becomes present.

Cool rock features in a markedly thinned out forest.

Stay left and cross the runoff.

Continue to stay right.

Brings you immediately to the Moto trail. Begin steady climb to the AZT.

1.6 miles until back on the main route.

Rejoin the AZT here, go left to the paved Snowbowl Rd and begin the Humphreys Peak snow detour.
Logging re-route ends here, 8.2 miles from Buffalo Park.


I turned around and pumped down the Moto trail, then took a left onto Easter Island. There were plenty of water crossings in the drainage.
Easter Island generally flows downhill through this bobsled run.
 At the end it rejoins Chimney trail and out to Schultz Pass Rd.
The seasonal Schultz Creek.

Neighborhood social trail goes next to someone's RC course.

More buff singletrack leading back into town.

Classic Flagstaff.

Thanks to the property owners for keeping access available.

At the Pioneer Museum of Arizona.

Fratelli's pizza & Late for the Train aren't quite on route, but only a block or two off it.

An AZT plaque for its founder, Dale Shewalter, inside Buffalo Park.

Fading light on Mt. Elden.

Still some soggy terrain from all the snow melt.

Fire in the sky!!

The final rays of daylight on Humphreys Peak.


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