January 26, 2012

29 > 26

Seems obvious enough. Thanks to social media & my friend, Harry, I now am part of the 29er revolution. It's really amazing how much confidence you gain when you're on a trusty steed.  Nothing against my FS26, it's just a different feel and that bike could use a few upgrades most notably a new pair of forks. The 26er will still see some dirt from time to time, but I can assure you the Voodoo Dambala 29er HT will get most of it. I've taken it out the past 3 days on the local stomping ground that is South Mountain and I'm blown away at the amount of obstacles I can now clean!! More rideable terrain = a more stoked rider!! So here's to the Jamis Dakar FS26, cheers! It's been a great 2 1/2 years. Bring on more terrain.
1/2 new, 1/2 used 2005 Jamis Dakar

Freshly acquired Voodoo Dambala 29er, eventually to become a SS.


  1. We rode by each other yesterday. I remember that bike. I was on a Superfly. Big wheels are certainly more fun.

  2. Too funny, the first 29er I rode on was a borrowed Superfly from a friend I was visiting in PA. Cool bike, sure gave me the itch to get a 29er!! See you around SoMo sometime.