January 1, 2012

Hieroglyphic Canyon Trail

Ahhh, 80ยบ New Year's Day in Phoenix, time to go for a hike. I do a fair amount of mountain biking over in Gold Canyon, but there's one trail by our riding network that runs into the Superstition Wilderness - so NO BIKES. The Hieroglyphic Canyon Trail is a 1.6 mile gentle incline up towards the towering Superstition Mountains where there are ample opportunities to admire ancient artwork on the surrounding terrain.  There was also a small flowing spring that turned the viewing into a true desert oasis. Really cool hike with amazing views.
Fork in the trail, Hieroglyphic to the left, Lost Goldmine to the right

No Bikes in the Wilderness

Towering cliffs of the Superstition Mtns.

Thriving algae.

Great place to relax.

Great views of the valley below.

The elusive desert marshmallow santa.

Even downtown could be seen today!

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