January 7, 2012

AZT - Jamboree

January means it's time for the AZT Jamboree charity ride. In it's 3rd year now, 2nd for me, and one of my favorite events.  This year there were just under 100 riders enjoying some of the best stretches of the AZT.  A huge thanks to Southwest Trekking for offering up their services & shuttles, the volunteers of SDMB for setting up and hosting the awesome support tent about halfway through the ride (mini pizzas, muffins, pickles, oranges, chips, Heed, water, soda, beer...wow!) and of course Chad Brown for his instrumental role in pulling this all together.

As for the ride, there was a small course change, more singletrack!! A nice 3 mile re-route off of a rugged jeep road that also lead to many a missed turn last year & one nasty HAB section.  This year we also opted to NOT go down to Cienega Creek and find our way through the 3 bridges area, took the road this year. Our overall time was a whopping 2 hours faster this year, in part to the course changes & overall better riding endurance.

Such a fun event and we get to give back to one of the greatest trails in the land. Already looking forward to 2013.
The drop zone

Heading towards the AZT turnoff. Photo by Seron

Superb rolling grasslands to start the ride. Photo by Seron

The first 6 miles or so share the Kentucky Camp route.

Endless views abound.

Snow high up on Mt. Wrightson. Photo by Seron

Another fantastic winter ride in AZ! Photo by Seron

I'm really diggin' Seron's new camera, some cool effects. Photo by Seron

Luckily we didn't have to ride too close to the prickly pear this year. Photo by Seron

This could be an album cover. Photo by Seron

One of the many long flowy downhill runs.

A section of new trail from last year.

Our view for lunch, part of a new 3 mile re-route.

Outskirts of Tucson beginning to appear.

Are those mini-pizzas?!?! Yes!! Thanks SDMB. Photo by Seron

The glow of good fortune basks the lone rider as he approaches from beneath I-10....

Or not.  It's a good 2' drop into some deep sand albeit soft, but no match for salsa in the backpack!

Our route this year - ride OVER the bridge.

A final water stop at the Colossal Cave campground.

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