April 28, 2013

Burrito Brother on Hiatus

My long distance riding buddy, Seron, went in for knee surgery on May 1st. Essentially putting him down for a year. He had a High Tibial Osteotomy performed, then once that heals he goes back in for an ACL fix. So far he's doing well and in good spirits, but itching to get off the couch already!

We were able to hit the trails one last time before he hung up the bike so we opted for a morning spin out on the friendly confines of the Sonoran Mountain Preserve - southern end. These trails are fast, fun, flowy, mostly smooth with some good climbs thrown in. Plus, we just received our AES jerseys and we had to break them in at least once!
Great morning for balloonists as well, many were aloft on this clear calm morning.

Rolling climbing with a view.

Mashing those pedals!

So good to be out riding.

High tech trail markers throughout the system.

Layers of mountains all around.

Someone had a rough night of partying.

Now it's just target practice.

View to the north.

Reluctantly heading back to civilization.

We didn't even have a HAB today.

Cholla forest.

Showing off the new AES jersey!
Heal up buddy, the trails will be waiting. In the meantime, keep planning those killer routes!


  1. Stay positive Seron. Now that you have had the surgery the healing begins and you will come back better than before. Each day is a little closer to being 100%.

    BTW, I think I might have been the first person to call you guys the Burrito Brothers. If so I'm glad it stuck. If not, well it must be right because more than one person thought of it.

    Chris Dunn

  2. I may be there with you too Seron, as my left knee has some meniscus tearing and a slightly torn LCL to boot...

  3. Positivity is increasing! The osteotomy went swimmingly, really diminished the pain, and I had the ACL done in December. I'll be walking by the end of the month then it's just a matter of strengthening. Back on the mountain bike in March, then I'm going to forget about the knee for a while.....it's been a long year! Lee, take care of that knee! They seem to only get worse!