April 7, 2013

Burrito Brothers Invade SoMo!!

May 1st. It's a date that will take down one Burrito Brother for the better part of one year. Two knee surguries upcoming for Seron, but he acquired a high-tech knee brace in the meantime. Right now he's a new man, ready to shred. Shred we did.

We opted for some South Mountain (SoMo) fun. 65ยบ on a Sat. spring day in Phoenix. Pima Canyon? PACKED. Plan B: Park at the 46th St overflow lot. Perfect.

For me, SoMo is best enjoyed as an all mountain sessioning ride. There are so many tech moves sprinkled all over National Trail. Challenging stuff for sure, I love it.

Our route to play on: Climb Javelina, up Mormon Loop, up National, over to Telegraph Pass, up the road, down National and finally down Beverly Canyon. Let's GO!!

We also roll as Team Voodoo!! Photo by Seron.
Tech attack!! Photo by Seron.
A break in the action. Photo by Seron.
Transmitting from the Valley of the Sun. Photo by Seron.
Great trail, great views.
Chunky and flowy downhill? Yes.
Buena Vista to Telegraph Pass is SOOOO underrated!!
We watched this fella circle over us a few times hunting for food. We were hunting downhill. Photo by Seron.
Time to play the National Trail skills challenge!
I burped my tire flat right about there ^^^
Ride the Spine!! Another clean Waterfall run for Seron!
Someone is auditioning for inclusion in the Tucson Tuesday Techy Taco rides!!
Over the Triangle.
Clean exit!
Different perspective of the Triangle.

Love the terrain up here.
How many lines do you see? Triangle to the left.
Another friend of the desert catching some shade. Photo by Seron.
I couldn't quite get a good picture of the snake. Seeing where he was made us realize just how many must be all around us at all times!! Photo by Seron.
Still a splash of color around the mountain.
Chad Brown, are you getting this?
Compress those forks!! Photo by Seron.
Back down to the Valley floor. Photo by Seron.
Mr. Chuckwalla came out for a visit. Photo by Seron.
We rolled back to our vehicles grinning the whole way. No Strava records set on this day. Not every ride is about pushing the speed barrier. This was all about FUN and one Burrito Brother enjoying a ride before he's sidelined to the couch....only for a while. Until May 1st there are a few rides to get in!!

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