February 25, 2018

CA: Santee - Fanita Ranch

I was looking to ride something local to the San Diego area and fairly short. Evan offered up the Santee area trails at Fanita Ranch. It's an area that seems to constantly be under fire for future development, but Conservationists keep winning out. Hooray!

We hit the road and met up with another one of Evan's buddy's, Brian. The climbing ensued quickly and the cool morning temperatures were soon forgotten.
Evan & Brian grinding out the first climb of the day.

Now high above Santee.

The trails were routed with good climbing grades.

Down in the dark shadow (below center/right) is a white spec of a wrecked SUV. Apparently, some kids rolled it down the mountainside a while back and somehow survived the crash.

That is one smart looking boulder.

Here, the trail climbs, bends, twists up, through and around all the rock outcroppings. Super fun section.

There were a few tight squeezes for my 780mm handlebars!! Photo by Evan.

The Chuparosa soaking up the rock hits. Photo by Brian.

Brian shows me a better option up this rock face.

We kept crossing paths with this guy, might as well grab a pic!!

More trail contouring into a side canyon.

The fellas leading the charge back towards the trailhead.

It was nice to rip a long downhill on real dirt, no rocks and skinny trail.

Cruising back to the trailhead...on time!!
I thoroughly enjoyed my short tour of the Santee area and would love to ride here again. Thanks for the tour guys. I had a bit more riding to do on my way home and got on the road shortly after 10a...

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