February 2, 2024

Kingman: White Cliffs

 There has been a bunch of recent posts / videos about the new trail system in Kingman: White Cliffs. I know a couple of the guys involved with the trail construction so I knew they would be incredible trails. We were heading that way for a weekend bikepack, but I made sure to schedule enough time for a short spin through the trails.

First things first: Burritos. We needed to stock up of food and grab some lunch. Freys Mexican had been recommended and it was super easy access. It didn't disappoint. Perfect. All fueled up, we made our way over to the trailhead.

We could tell right away, things were being built to a high standard here.

Trailforks app is key here as well.

Old ruts on the Wagon Wheel trail.

We wound our way up to the Skyline Loop for starters.

Grippy rock for the power moves. Photo by Robert.

Taking in the view at the top. Photo by Robert.

The well placed white dots were welcomed.

This place has a Moab kinda feel to it, just a bit more rugged.

There is some real dirt tucked in there too.

Power up!! Photo by Mike W.

Somewhere on the north side of the system we found flow.

It's hard to believe these trails are tucked in the middle of town.

Mike W. prepares for the drop...

Smooth sailing!!

We caught it on hero rock/dirt day, even found some flowing water, which I'm sure is rare here.

Lots of moss too.

Such cool geology.

We were simply making loop upon loops, that's how the trails are setup.

One of the newer trails, has a healthy step-up jump.

I briefly thought about it. Photo by Mike W.

Making our way back to the trailhead. Photo by Mike S.

Mike S. carving a switchback.

Mike S. scopes out Ghost Pepper, a double black move.

Robert rolls along the Upper Loop.

Wagon Wheel history.

Strava link.

We didn't quite ride everything there, but definitely got a good taste of what the White Cliffs have to offer. If you like slower, rock crawling, type of riding with some optional lines, you'll love this place. We all had a blast. It's easy to mix up the routing to make different routes and you're never far from town or your car. If you want more mileage, the more famous Monolith Gardens trails are nearby. If you're passing through the area, save an hour or two and check this place out.

For more stoke on the area, check out this thread for pics/vids: MTBR isn't dead yet.

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