January 20, 2024

Tour de Peoria

 My buddy, Dennis, had recently posted about a few new trails over in the northwest part of the Valley. I don't get over there too often, last ride there was my Northwest Valley Mega Loop. So, when he posted up a group ride on the ASS, that's Arizona Singlespeed, group page, I was in. It's about an hour drive from my place, but hard to pass up a tour from the locals.

Even though this was an ASS ride, I think there were only a couple riders on singlespeeds. Darryl was one of them because he's stubborn like that...and a strong rider. We got rolling from Dennis's place and hopped on the paved New River Trail up to Happy Valley Rd. From there we'd enter Sunrise Mtn. Preserve from the south. First up was the climb up Mine Shaft Pass. It's a great climb, good grade and cool routing all the way to the final 20' which punch you in the face.

The final 20'. Of course it doesn't look like much.

At the top we went left, which was new-to-me, it was a fun bit with some exposure. We made our way across the Ridgeline trail and again went left, now all new stuff for my tires. I had heard this was better riding than the route I chose last year.

A bit of hike-a-bike before the fun downhill begins.

Dennis leading us up a short rise.

The cloud cover made for an excellent day.

Long swooping downhill along the Miner's Draw trail.

Find the train of riders.

Russ, our other singlespeeder, mashing away.

The climbing was quite nice on Saguaro Family Loop.
We exited Sunrise Mtn. Preserve on the north side along Westwing Pkwy. there's a trailhead area with restrooms and water if anyone needed to top off. We made our way around Westwing Mtn. on the west side linking into the Crankset trail. From there we'd do an out-n-back climb on the new Ridgeline trail. Again, well graded and routed.

These tight switchbacks marked the end of the out-n-back...for now. We took a break at the bottom before resuming the action.

It was a fun challenge riding up the tight corners.

The payoff for the climb up.

Someone spotted this crested Saguaro which had been hidden from the locals. Ha!!

Russ making his departure home.

Back in the Paloma Preserve.

More beautifully contoured trail.

From a distance, I thought there was a dirt road carved up the hill, nope, it's singletrack.

I spy a long downhill approaching...

Looking north towards Pyramid Peak.

Welcome to the Berm Farm.

We took some alternate route back to Dennis's place which was cool.

Strava link.

This was exactly the tour I was looking for, thanks Dennis!! A fun ride with stellar climbing to make the hour drive worth it. I'll definitely be riding this route again. Maybe add in Pyramid Peak for more miles. Hopefully soon, the Ridgeline deadend will be completed. It appears other trails are in the works too.


  1. I'm so glad you were able to enjoy much more of our tasty singletrack here in Peoria this time around. The Paloma Perserve is currently having additional trails added including an extention to that Ridgleline trail which which will loop it out.