March 14, 2012

AZSF - Gold Canyon

A 1pm group ride on a Wed. only means one thing: 1/2 day at work! I wasn't going to miss the Arizona Spring Fling, AZSF, ride in Gold Canyon. (The AZSF is a collection of group rides of varying ability in multiple locations around the state over a 5 day period). I actually arrived early for a change and there was a nice turnout, 14 riders. I only knew a few personally, but also knew some through the forums so it was nice to put some faces to names. It was time to hit the trail, Phil was gracious enough to lead the ride again so off we went.

Phil leading the group down Cougar

I just met Tim on this ride, but I knew the bike!! It was a loaner from Kathleen, who's on the mend right now.

Large views all around.

Some of the group.

Evan hitting the big feature on the Tech Loop.

Chase riding smooth.

Just goes to show that any bike will do, this ride has seen some miles!!

This guy wasn't too happy we were out on his trail!

After a brief staredown the long horned fella moved along.

Darren very glad to be out of Calgary at the moment!

The golden hour approaches over the Superstitions.

Another good day on the bike.

Darren - King of Gold Canyon!

Evan grinding up the newly minted Snowbird trail.
 Most of the group peeled off after about 13 miles or so, but Darren & Evan joined me for the final 3 legs to complete our Gold Canyon tour. We added in Secret, Snowbird and Quartz Ridge trails to round out our 26 mile day. Great way to kick off AZSF week!!

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  1. You lucky dog. Lots of riding for you! I need to find this snowbird trail.