March 22, 2012

DC Loaded

As the countdown clock nears zero for the start of the AZT300 I was in dire need to test out my setup. I finally have amassed the necessary gear for this event along with bikepacking in general. I thought it would be a cool idea to roll out on a coast-to-coast Desert Classic, DC, ride over at South Mountain. DC is a very popular trail with hikers, bikers and the rare equestrian. I figured I'd generate some curious looks.
Empty - 29lbs, loaded - 42lbs. Thanks to my sis-in-law for the awesome framebag, a new one is on the way that fits this frame. The bag in this picture was intended for my blue Jamis.

A special thanks to Michelle for putting together a very cool handlebar sling.

More kudos to Andy's mom for stitching up this dry bag so I could attach straps to it.

Tons of things up front: shifters, lockout switch, bell, GPS & a feed bag.

As long as I take care in centering the bag in the sling it doesn't shift over the often bumpy/rocky terrain.
I had a few people ask me if I was training for an upcoming trip, so I spread the word about the AZT300. I'm still a bit surprised how most people don't really know about the Arizona Trail.  Overall, the bike handled very well, a bit more sluggish in the turns, not really harder just different. I ended up doing the out-n-back 18 miles in about 1:45, which I thought was really good since I was just riding, not pushing for a fast time. A few more test rides before April 13th & I think I'll be ready to go, or at least as ready as I'll ever be.


  1. That setup is looking pretty good. If I ever get my crap together I'll have to do a shakedown run at SoMo too. That seat bag came out looking pretty nice! Not bad for a compression sack.

  2. Get it together man!! Yeah, I was very happy with the seat bag, I did pick up another strap to all the way around it. Should help cinch it up to the seat a little tighter, it does sway a bit, but nothing to get excited about. Of course I went and left a strap in the car for the Ripsey overnighter - DOH! So I still need to try that out.