March 17, 2012

AZSF - Picketpost to Kelvin

This particular ride is fast becoming my favorite trail, sure doesn't hurt that the trailhead is only 45 minutes from home. This ride has also been a bit of a hot topic in recent months in the mtb community after photos began popping up from the new section of trail. So with the Arizona Spring Fling, AZSF, well under way I thought it would be a great addition to the already stellar ride selection. I opted for the same day as the Sedona area rides for people not wanting to head so far north or who had been at the AES Sedona BFL the weekend before. The post went up on the mtbr forum and a real nice group of 14 people showed for the 1st annual Picketpost to Kelvin AZSF ride!
Hanging with the fast guys for a bit.

Fantastic contours.

Matt just chomping at the bit to crush it!

The 5.5 mile overlook is always a good spot to re-group.

Walt heading down from the 10 mile overlook.

Amy going big, first ride in a year!! Way to go!!

About 12 miles in we met up with Randy's group on their out-n-back ride.

A splash of color and HAB for the soul.

What's not to like here?

The Bevinator capturing the moment.

Noel all smiles going up the switchbacks.

Even pushing your bike out here is grin inducing.

Find the bikers! Mile 14.5 begins the 7 mile downhill run to the river!!

Ryan getting set to take on the downhill.

Hedgehog cactus starting to pop on the desert floor.

Walt & De slicing down the mountain.

Big trail, big views.

The 'real' Picketpost.

This fella was not happy to see any of us, he was warning us from a longer than normal distance.

Among the giants.

Cairns mark the way through the wash area.

Finally at the top of 'Dale's Demoralizer' new trail is being converted FROM jeep road, YES!

Finally arriving in Kelvin - Hooray!! Time for a brew & wait for Noel & Amy's  sunset finish!!

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