December 31, 2015

2015: A Year of Ups & Downs

As 2015 draws to a close, I'm feeling a mix of emotions towards it. There were many high points during the year that I'm thankful to have enjoyed. There were however, a few injuries and associated costs that I'll be more than willing to put behind me. I look forward to what 2016 has to offer. For now, here's a snapshot of the highs & lows of 2015.

Kicked off the year in style with a 103 mile spin in the McDowell's / Brown's Ranch area.
New trails were popping up at Gold Canyon.
The annual AZT Jamboree!!
Slept on the trail during the AES Gila100.
Checked out some new trails out at the fog!
Showed Mr. Morris around the Gold Canyon trails.
Took part in the SSAZ shenanigans.
4 day Queen's Ransom route changed my 2015.
Took a much needed vacation to Savannah, GA.
Found some new dirt at Brown's Ranch.
Picketpost to Kelvin via Ripsey weekend confirmed my wrist fears.
My buddy, Mark, got hitched and had the coolest groom's cake ever!
One last ride on the BCT before wrist surgery.
Post-op complete with new hardware. No riding for 2 months.
While I was recovering from a fractured wrist, I did some hiking. A few hikes that were very humbling.
AZT: Passage #1 hike.
Watched some friends give the AZT300/750 a go.
Did a big hike in the Grand Canyon.
By mid-May I was ready to get back on the bike.
Spent a weekend riding in Flagstaff & Sedona.
It was so good, I did it again.
It felt good to do some local exploring.
My niece came out for a visit and we ran her all over Arizona.
Jeff, Nancy & I did an overnight bikepacking ride from Flagstaff to the South Rim.
Met some friends in Vegas for a fun weekend.
Total beatdown on the Prescott Circle Trail.
Roadtrip! HIt some iconic rides in Moab, UT, Fruita, Breckenridge & Salida, CO.
Discovered some rough riding in Pine.
Finally took the dirt road up Mt. Lemmon.
Knocked out a bucket list hike: Rim-to-rim in the Grand Canyon.
Fire on the Rim weekend.
Had a cool opportunity to talk about mountain biking the AZT at REI.
BeerDuro series is alive and well!
Took three tries, but I finally completed a long ride along the Highline trail.
Scored some tickets to check out a game at Lambeau Field.
Plenty of local spins too.
A few years in the making, but it paid off on a 3-day loop on the Mogollon Rim.
Demo day on a fatbike.
Took a co-worker up to the BCT for his first time.
AES Kentucky Camp 46.
Rode my last bike legal portion of the AZT in Temporal Gulch.
Slapped together a post on mountain biking all the bike legal portions of the Arizona Trail.
Put a 100+ mile loop together from my front door.
AES: Picketpost Punisher A Course.
Enjoyed the final Flight of the Pigs ride. v.XX.
Spent a weekend riding in Kingman & Lake Havasu.
Spent NYE down on Casa Grande Mtn with some friends. Great way to end 2015.
Cool graphic from VeloViewer showing my 2015 stats from Strava.
Here's to an even better 2016!! Ride on.

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