September 1, 2023

NM: Hopewell Lake CDT

 After our Big Tree trail ride, we had some lunch and chilled for a bit. Then it was time to ride again. This time we drove a few miles up the road to Hopewell Lake. It's a popular water stop along the Tour Divide. However, Scott and I were going to check out the Continental Divide Trail, CDT, that goes south from the lake. Another one of my warm-up rides for the weekend.

Lunchtime!! Photo by Scott.
Being a holiday weekend there were lots of big groups of trailers camping off the dirt roads. We found our CDT turnoff as we passed through the camping compound. The trail was immediately quiet as we wound through the aspens. Ahhh.
Scott cruising through an open meadow.

Nearing our turnaround point about 5 miles south of Hopewell Lake.

For such a long trail, the CDT seems to have good signage.

Back in the trees on great trail.

This section of CDT parallels the current Tour Divide route. It's sections of great trail like this that make you wonder why the TD doesn't use it. Perhaps change is coming.

Our return ride was slightly uphill, but you almost didn't notice.

A good chunk of this ride was above 10,000'. I hadn't been pedaling that high in a while and it felt surprisingly good.

Making our way down to Hopewell Lake.

Blinded by the light on occasion.

A few fishermen were out wrapping up their day. The water pump at the lake was non-functional.

We rode the trail out to US64 on the far side of the lake.

Quite the scene as we finished. Over 30 large circling birds, slowly fanning out. It was mesmerizing.
I was surprised how great the trail was, not sure what I was expecting, perhaps more hike-a-bike?? A great cap to the first full day of riding.


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