June 27, 2021

CO: Dolores - Boggy Draw

 Last call for the roadtrip!! I was on the road away from Durango on time and making my way to Dolores to meet up with Shawn for a quick tour of the Boggy Draw trails. Shawn happens to be very involved in the local ride scene, scouting, flagging, building new trails including the recent Phil's World extension. He was hired last winter to build a few trails in my neck of the woods at Hawes. He also creates maps, check out Big Loop Trails for some great routes in the Four Corners region and the north part of Phoenix. He's also a super strong rider and great guy. I was really looking forward to our ride.

The Boggy Draw trails were only a couple miles from his house, so we rolled out from there.

The man. One of the few times he was standing still!!

I found out quick, these trails are fast!!

Lots of shade in the pines too.
Since I was a bit pressed on time, we cut the ride over to the canyon's edge. Shawn really wanted to show me some other areas, but that will have to wait until next time. Today's ride was more of a window shopping experience.

The trail along the canyon edge had a bit more character.

Circling back on an earthen berm.

Looks like a boggy draw to me.

I'm sure Shawn was just cruising, but I still couldn't quite keep up!!

This is another great system close to town if you're in the area.

A few social trails brought us back to the start.
Thanks for the tour, Shawn. Next time we'll spend a full day exploring the area.

That put a wrap on my 11 day roadtrip through New Mexico & Colorado. I ended up with 15 rides over those 11 days, 312 miles & 30,000' of gain. Time for a little R&R from my vacation!!

Thanks to everyone who helped me with routes, lodging, logistics, etc. It was so great seeing friends I hadn't seen in quite some time and making new ones!!

Flyover via Ayvri.com


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